Best Beaches: Playa del Carmen

Everyone has an opinion about the best beaches in the world and Playa del Carmen, or Playa as it’s known,  in Mexico is definitely among the favorite choices for the top spot.  Located on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Playa is about 40 miles south of another Mexico favorite – Cancun.  The now resort city originated as a small fishing village, but people quickly discovered its charm when a ferry service to Cozumel started.  As passengers loaded up for the ferry to Cozumel, a world-class scuba diving destination, they came to love Playa del Carmen turning it into the vacation destination that it is today.  Still less crowded that Cancun, Playa has sugary white sand beaches for soaking up the sun’s warm rays and the inviting crystal clear turquoise water is the perfect temperature for a quick dip to cool off.  For those days when you might want a break from all the beach relaxation, Playa is a great home base for exploring the nearby Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba or Tulum; or you could head into Playa’s Avenida Quinta for a two mile long main street pedestrian friendly atmosphere filled with shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.  Located just a block or so off the beach, Avenida Quinta has everything a shopper could possibly want and then some.  With activities for everyone, it is easy to see why this is a favorite of so many.

Brazilian Bikini Beaches

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

My first Brazilian bikini wax

And no I’m not providing pictures either! You’ll just have to catch me at the beach to enjoy it :)

So I finally broke down and did it. Up until I’d been avoiding the Brazilian wax for no apparent reason, and several of my friends had already got theirs and looked great. I decided it was time for mine. I booked the appointment for a Tuesday afternoon. The salon I went to was a small one in a strip mall, and only had a few different rooms, but the place was clean and everyone was really friendly. The girl asks me to strip down and lie on the table face up, then she leaves the room. I’m thinking geez they have it warm in here and the girl comes back. She could tell I was nervous but she was so cool about it. She said everyone is a little nervous when they get their first Brazilian bikini waxing. So she slathers this wax which isn’t nearly as hot as I thought it would be (more like pleasantly warm) onto my pubic hair with a wooden tongue depressor. I’m thinking I hope the end results are worth all this. Now she puts a cloth over the wax and pulls it off (ouch!). I have to say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I had a red bump or two but lotion took care of that.

Man you should see my vajayjay now! I went all out and got vajazzled, the deluxe package!

What are Brazilian bikinis?

You’ve probably heard of a micro bikini, but what exactly is a Brazilian bikini?  The best answer anyone can give is quite vague.  Brazilian bikinis started popping up on the beaches of South America some years ago, and have taken the world by storm.  Many different styles of bikini can call themselves “Brazilian”, but they all share a few things in common – they ride low on the hips and provide more coverage than a standard thong, but less coverage than a standard bikini brief.

Brazil is known for it’s vibrant culture, it’s gorgeous sandy beaches, and it’s gorgeously curvy women.  Its these women who first popularized the Brazilian bikini and made it once again fashionable and sexy for curvy women to wear bikinis.  The trend has caught on, and the Brazilian bikini is now seen on beaches worldwide.


Brazilian Half Pucker

The Brazilian half pucker bikini has a traditional front design with subtle puckering detail on the back. The pucker extends about halfway down the backside of the bikini and highlights your curves better than a standard Brazilian would.

Brazilian Full Pucker

The Brazilian Full Pucker bikini offers a bit more coverage than the Half Pucker (shown above).  In this design, the puckering detail runs all the way down the backside of the bikini.

Micro Brazilian Bikini

The micro Brazilian bikini is indeed the smallest of them all, and is definitely not for the shy. Fabric in front is usually just barely sufficient to cover the naughty parts, and the back is a simple t-shaped thong.

Brazilian Bikini Models

Think you have what it takes to be a Brazilian bikini model?  If you already know you look great in a Brazilian bikini, you could take the next step and become a model!  Bikini modeling is a great way to get paid doing something you already love – hanging out at the beach looking sexy in a bikini!  I’m not a bikini model myself (just a bikini enthusiast), but several of my friends have made a lot of money being a bikini model.  When I asked them how they got started, they all had a variation of the same story with the same basic advice.

First is physical conditioning.  Whether you’re going to be a bikini model, a fitness model, or even take part in bikini competitions, its important that you are in good physical condition. To what extent is determined by what type of modeling you’re doing.  Obviously, fitness models who take part in fitness competitions are expected to be more chiseled than the average bikini model.

Second is a portfolio.  If you are ever going to get hired, you need something for potential employers to see beforehand.  If you’ve ever had professional photos taken, you know how expensive it can be for a polished finished product.  To get around this hurdle, you could always seek out a budding photography student to help you.  They need to build portfolios as they start their careers just like you do, so you can help each other out.

Brazilian Bikini Waxing

It seems a lot of people are genuinely confused about what a Brazilian bikini waxing really is.  The only difference between a Brazilian bikini waxing and a normal bikini waxing is a small bit of pubic hair.  Normal bikini waxing removes some or all pubic hair, while the Brazilian version leaves a small “landing strip” in the front.

Preparing for a Brazilian bikini wax

It might sound odd that you’d have to prepare for a waxing, but its true. When most women go to get their first waxing, they might not realize that pubic hair has to be a certain length to give the wax something to grab onto.  Hair should be at least 1/4″ (for fine hair) and 1/2″ for coarse hair.  If your hair is too short, you will be sent home. Not exactly what you want to hear just hours before that pool party.

When its time for your first Brazilian wax, be ready for a little bit of pain.  It has been said that subsequent Brazilian bikini waxes are gradually less painful, but first-timers are warned to be ready for some discomfort. It can help to take an over the counter pain medicine like ibuprofen or aspirin an hour or so before your appointment.

What to expect

The technician will lead you into a room where you will be asked to remove your clothes and lie on a bed.  The technician will likely apply talcum or baby powder to the area to keep the hot wax from adhering directly to your skin.  After hot wax is spread over the area, a clean cloth is applied and pressed down so that the wax, hair, and cloth all adhere to each other.  A good technician will remove the cloth with a swift motion in the opposite direction of the hair growth, minimizing discomfort and pulling hairs out by the root. Remaining hairs are tweezed by hand.  Some salons even offer extra services such as “vajazzling”, which is a funny term invented to describe the process of shaving a design into pubic hair, or otherwise decorating the pubic region.

If you’re a first-timer, you can expect some discomfort after a Brazilian bikini waxing.  Some salons apply soothing creams or ointments containing aloe to the area right after waxing, which can minimize irritation.  If your salon doesn’t do this as a matter of course, it would be good to ask them to do it. It might cost more, but in the end it will be worth it.

Now its time to enjoy three to six weeks of a well-groomed pubic region!  Even though the hair was ripped out by the roots, it will grow back, albeit finer than it was before, so it will be necessary to get another waxing.