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Brazilian Bikini Models

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Think you have what it takes to be a Brazilian bikini model?  If you already know you look great in a Brazilian bikini, you could take the next step and become a model!  Bikini modeling is a great way to get paid doing something you already love – hanging out at the beach looking sexy in a bikini!  I’m not a bikini model myself (just a bikini enthusiast), but several of my friends have made a lot of money being a bikini model.  When I asked them how they got started, they all had a variation of the same story with the same basic advice.

First is physical conditioning.  Whether you’re going to be a bikini model, a fitness model, or even take part in bikini competitions, its important that you are in good physical condition. To what extent is determined by what type of modeling you’re doing.  Obviously, fitness models who take part in fitness competitions are expected to be more chiseled than the average bikini model.

Second is a portfolio.  If you are ever going to get hired, you need something for potential employers to see beforehand.  If you’ve ever had professional photos taken, you know how expensive it can be for a polished finished product.  To get around this hurdle, you could always seek out a budding photography student to help you.  They need to build portfolios as they start their careers just like you do, so you can help each other out.