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What are Brazilian bikinis?

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

You’ve probably heard of a micro bikini, but what exactly is a Brazilian bikini?  The best answer anyone can give is quite vague.  Brazilian bikinis started popping up on the beaches of South America some years ago, and have taken the world by storm.  Many different styles of bikini can call themselves “Brazilian”, but they all share a few things in common – they ride low on the hips and provide more coverage than a standard thong, but less coverage than a standard bikini brief.

Brazil is known for it’s vibrant culture, it’s gorgeous sandy beaches, and it’s gorgeously curvy women.  Its these women who first popularized the Brazilian bikini and made it once again fashionable and sexy for curvy women to wear bikinis.  The trend has caught on, and the Brazilian bikini is now seen on beaches worldwide.


Brazilian Half Pucker

The Brazilian half pucker bikini has a traditional front design with subtle puckering detail on the back. The pucker extends about halfway down the backside of the bikini and highlights your curves better than a standard Brazilian would.

Brazilian Full Pucker

The Brazilian Full Pucker bikini offers a bit more coverage than the Half Pucker (shown above).  In this design, the puckering detail runs all the way down the backside of the bikini.

Micro Brazilian Bikini

The micro Brazilian bikini is indeed the smallest of them all, and is definitely not for the shy. Fabric in front is usually just barely sufficient to cover the naughty parts, and the back is a simple t-shaped thong.